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the french flower truck

All the way from a small farm in the sunny South of France (with a quick stop for a little service refresh in Amsterdam), this vintage 1972 Citroen HY Pickup has made its way across the ocean to our Long Island shores.

After a small buildout it is officially ready for all your mobile floral, seasonal and event & party needs!

A little history...

This "Plateau" truck is the epitome of classic style. Purchased new in 1972 by the Avon brothers who hail from the town of Theziers located near the Rhône, between Avignon and Nimes, it is a true one-owner classic.

The color “Carte Grise” tells us the Avon brothers were farmers or perhaps agriculturers, but not what kind or what the HY was used for. Yet one can’t help but conjure up images of the little truck rolling through the French countryside basking in the southern light filled with barrels of wine, fresh produce or perhaps... freshly cut flowers. 

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by n.t. designs + petrol & patina
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