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A Quarantine Date Night

Part of the fun of Valentine’s Day is the anticipation of it all, but in keeping things safe under quarantine, coming up with the perfect date night for this special “Hallmark” day can be a bit heart-wrenching. Yes, everything may be slightly different than the way Valentine’s Day would typically play out, but don’t fret! Here are some curated tips to help make your date night at home as over the top and festive as possible… you may never want to go out for Valentine’s Day again!

Skip the traditional takeout and level up with a customized, catered menu. Perhaps recreate your first date night dinner or prepare your favorite meal, but leave all the cooking to the chef. (We have great chef recs if you need!)

Add a luscious table cloth and use those fancy napkins, take out that fine china, polish the silver and add a lavish centerpiece to display for an alluring romantic mood…don’t forget to light the candles and dim the lights for the full effect! Fresh blooms are the perfect delicate accent to finish off the look.

Kick off the evening with your favorite cocktail, unforgettable bubbly or that bottle of red or white that you have been saving for a special occasion. After all, this is your first Valentine’s Day in quarantine so why not pop that cork and pour yourselves a glass. Pump up the volume! Create a personal playlist which includes memorable songs to enhance the mood, or plan an all-day movie-marathon binging your favorite flicks while cozied up on the couch.

While flowers might seem a little cliché on Valentine’s Day it’s only “basic” if you stick to the traditional blooms. Jazz up the arrangement to include out of the ordinary flowers, like tulips or a variety of gem toned dried florals to add some opulence and texture. In the end, flowers set the tone for the day as much as everything else and your loved one will swoon with appreciation and enchantment. Sweeten the celebration for your beloved even more and take a peek at our Valentine’s Day gift guide.

Table settings and linens c/o Elite Tent and Party Rental


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